Do You Know How to Maximize Your Return On Event?

Meetings are notoriously “not awesome.” The Meeting Maximizer has a scientific process to stop these evil, money gobbling meetings. If you are going to spend the time and investment to have a meeting, you might as well increase your return on investment. If you can remember the best meetings you attended. These 3 steps were implemented successfully:

  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Streamline Agendas
  • Create Interaction

Out of the thousands of meetings we have attended, most of the meetings all leak investment with gaping holes.  This can be stopped and avoided. No matter where you are in the planning process, the Meeting Maximizer can help eliminate common problems.  With the Meeting Maximizer you will:

  • Reduce the risk of the meeting failure
  • Reduce employee resentment
  • Increase your meeting return on investment
  • Increase excitement for the meeting
  • Increase participation during the meeting

Here at the Meeting Maximizer, we know how to set up your event to bolster learning and retention, in turn letting you get more value out of your event.

Why do you need the Meeting Maximizer? Because you need the experts to save you stress, money, and time by doing it right the first time and to streamline your program. Over the years of attending countless meeting and conferences, we have observed common mistakes and reasons for bad events. Inspired by the lack of industry resources to produce effective events, we have developed Meeting Maximizer Methodology. This is composed of standard operating procedures and concepts to keep your events on track. Every aspect of the meeting is detailed, orderly, logical, and efficient.

There are many components to any meeting or event. Here is just a selection of the factors that can influence (or undermine) the success of your meeting”

  • Agenda
  • Floor plans
  • Greeting process
  • Meeting expectations
  • Scheduling
  • Space planning
  • Speaker line up
  • Traffic flow
  • Transitions

All of these aspects are important and any one of them could derail your agenda and lead to an unproductive meeting. Even the smallest of details can have a large impact on the productivity of your meeting. We will produce an effective meeting for you that stays on topic, on time and on task. And what you’ll get is a cost-effective meeting hitting your goals and agendas, and employees who will come out of the meeting informed, positive and appreciating you.

If you are serious about getting real value out of your next meeting or event, then you need the Meeting Maximizer. Contact us to find out we how we can help you craft your most successful meeting.

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