We’ve seen cool flash mobs at train stations and streets, why not a on the tradeshow floor. Living Energy is an entertainment company and hosted a flash mob. I am not sure who was sent the link to the mini trading dance video. I saw it on the The Special Event Show Facebook Page and was emailed the link I assume because I am on of the speakers at the conference. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if people were going to do their homework, who has time? Yes, I love to dance, but only 30 minutes before did I watch the training video on my phone.

Here is the video. If you want to skip to the middle, you can see more people instead of goofy expression, I can’t believe my face, ack. I think about 60-70 people at least participated. By the way, I used my Personal Camera Crew Stick to take the photos. I am dancing while filming myself.  By the way, here is the video. Flash Mob Training Video by Living Energy.

Hashtag for the TSE Conference #TSE2011

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The Meeting Maximizer
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  1. tracy says:

    Looks like fun!

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