About Us

Focus on your participants, the most important part of the equation; make it easy for them to participate at the meeting or event and you will see a boost in your Return On Event.

Time is precious

No one wants to waste it at a meeting that doesn’t involve them, bores them, or dumps data on their head. Employees get angry with resentment for the meetings that backlog their daily workload.

At the Meeting Maximizer

We know how to set up your event and learning environment to achieve your goals. We maximize the meeting impact. Your meeting will run more smoothly and effectively and it will be enjoyable for your participants. Imagine an efficiency expert crossed with the Fun Specialist. You will have a methodically engineered mechanics of the meeting, but humanized, energized and slightly even “humorized” atmosphere of the meeting; the best of both worlds.

Meeting Maximizer Methodology

This is composed of streamlined standard operating procedures and ways to keep your events on track. Every aspect of our meeting design is detailed, orderly, logical, and effective.

If you are serious about getting real value and creating meeting impact, then you need the Meeting Maximizer. Contact us to make you look good.


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